What are SEO Tools Used by SEO Experts – Top 11 SEO Tools

SEO tools used by SEO experts have always been a matter of curiosity. You have always thought about which SEO tool was used in many successful analyzes. As you can see from the title, we will share the SEO tools used by SEO experts with you.

Ahrefs is an important tool used by almost everyone, not only SEO experts. It also ranks second after Google in terms of large site browsers. Experts who want to achieve the best results in SEO analysis benefit from the Site Audit feature offered by Ahrefs. Although it is generally encountered in keyword analysis, using this tool you can also find out how to analyze the links of competitors and which content is given the most links.

Moz, which is the SEO software and has the best tools needed for SEO, also closely follows Google’s updates. In this way, it shows the algorithm changes and effects made, faster than other tools in the results. Moz’s analysis of site performance will be very useful in optimizing your website. With the MozBar toolbar offered, you can instantly view certain metrics on the browser.

Majestic, one of the best tools recommended for digital marketing, has different features than other tools. In this way, it enables you to access many different data. Especially for those who think that the website is losing value, the Site Explorer feature is extremely important. With this feature, you can analyze the current status of your website. Besides all these, it is one of the important tools used by SEO experts for keyword and ranking tracking.

Since SpyFu is a paid tool, you can use it to some extent in the first stage. However, SpyFu is a tool with very important features in its free version. In the paid version, higher level features are offered. If you don’t have a certain experience, it will be better to use the free version of this tool in the first step. With the tool, you can find out how many searches your keywords received in a month. You can also find out the ranking of your keywords and follow them. It also offers you the opportunity to find out which keywords your competitors are using, their monthly clicks, and the advertising campaigns they create through Google Ads. Finally, it should be noted that it has the most advanced features among the existing tools prepared for SEO.

It is one of the best SEO tools you can use for free. SEOQuake works as a chrome extension. You can compare your site with competing sites, perform on-site inspections, and define internal and external links thanks to the tool. You can also check keyword density, analyze keywords and share reports provided by the tool with different people. The biggest advantage of SEOQuake, which has different features than other SEO tools, is that it offers these features for free.

SEMRush is a tool known by almost everyone. It is highly preferred within the scope of marketing. The tool provides information about the rankings of your content, pages or keywords on your site. In this way, you can measure the performance of your site very well. The Tool’s Domain vs Domain feature allows your site to be compared with competing sites. You can also compare your domain name, keywords with other competing sites, and follow your rankings continuously with On-page SEO Checker feature. In addition to the analysis results you have obtained, you can also see tips and suggestions that will improve your site’s performance.


KWFinder is one of the best tools for keyword analysis. Especially, it enables you to identify long-tailed keywords that will enable you to achieve success with low competition recently. You can reach a detailed report which includes the best keyword, related links and SERP (Search Engine Results Page) values thanks to the tool. In addition, the Rank Tracker feature is also included in the features of the vehicle to track the ranking of the desired keyword. It also helps you find new keywords.

Fat Rank
Fat Rank works as a Chrome extension. The extension provides faster and easier control of site performance than other tools. It also allows you to have detailed information about the ranking of your site based on the keywords used. You can find out the ranking of your keyword in SERP, and if it is not in the top 100, you can reach the detailed analysis of this situation. You can carry out researches on your unsuccessful keywords with detailed analysis.

Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog is one of the best tools available from SEO researches. Analyzes on the tool are both detailed and very fast. It is possible to say that it works faster and offers faster data compared to all other SEO tools. The SEO Spider feature offered by the tool is the feature used by almost all SEO experts. In short, you can quickly identify copy contents, errors on the site and the points you need to develop when creating links thanks to the tool.

CORA is one of the most preferred tools in comprehensive data analysis. Especially medium and large companies should definitely use it. Thanks to the tool, companies can easily identify all weak and missing points. If you want your SEO work on your site to go up a few steps, you can use this tool that provides detailed data.


Link-Assistant  is the manufacturer of the world’s leading SEO software. Currently they have four cutting-edge products, you might have heard about: LinkAssistant, SEO SpyGlass, Rank Tracker and Website Auditor. These sell like hot cakes. But unlike hot cakes our software never cools down since they are keeping it ahead of the curve all the time.



Of course, the best SEO tools used by SEO experts are not limited. As you know, many tools are on the market. However, this does not mean that all tools should be used. You should decide which tool will be beneficial for you according to your experience and needs. As a result, you can use different tools for your different analyzes.

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