First of all, What is ITIN?

ITIN number is the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number and the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is a number provided by the IRS for your tax purposes. It consists of nine numbers in total and always starts with the number 9. This number is assigned to persons who are taxpayers in the US but do not have a Social Security Number (SSN). This number is assigned regardless of immigration status; because both US residents and non-US residents may have tax liabilities in the United States.

What is ITIN Used for?

The ITIN number is only used for federal tax declaration purposes. The IRS assigns persons who don’t have a Social Security Number.

With the ITIN number, the following cannot be done:

You can’t apply for a job in America.
You cannot use Social Security benefits 

Who needs an ITIN number?

The IRS has paved the way for foreigners and other citizens who have federal tax declaration obligations but do not have a Social Security Number (SSN). For example, if you live or reside in the United States and you have to pay taxes on your earnings in some way, you must obtain this number in order to benefit from the tax refund as a foreigner who must pay taxes in the United States.

Other people who need ITIN:

Foreigners with tax liability in the US but not living in the US
Those who need payment systems like PayPal, Stripe and want opening a US Bank Account
Foreigners living in America with tax liability in the United States (based on the number of days they stay in the US)
Family members of an American citizen or a foreigner living in the US
Family members of a foreigner who is not an American citizen but holds an American visa

“Those living abroad can also take an ITIN.”

How To Get My ITIN Number

You can apply by yourself. But you will have to send your original passport to the IRS. The problem is the most of people do not want to ship their original passport to the IRS. Therefore, you will need a Certified Acceptance IRS Agent to apply for you. The IRS agent does video call and check your passport, fill out your W7 form, sign it and ship it to the IRS. Getting your ITIN may take 1-4 weeks.

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ITIN Application Form

Good Luck!


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