Nowadays, US phone numbers are so popular for many purposes. But getting a dedicated virtual US Phone number in Canada is not easy to get that you can use for long term.  

And another problem is that the most of phone services cannot get any SMS verification code. So these reasons make you cannot easily find a virtual US phone number. 

If you have been looking for how to get a US phone number in Canada or anywhere outside US for SMS and verification, the solution is here at last. All you need to do is to relax and watch as we take you through this post.

Whether you live in Canada or anywhere in the world, it’s really difficult to get a US number for the people who live outside US. And you also want to make sure which phone services are reliable. Unfortunately, you can’t find it. 

However, with our excellent service you can now have a USA mobile number while inhabiting in Canada or any other nation around the world. This will surely make the life of job seekers easy as recruiters from the USA will have a way of contacting them in Canada.

We will help you to get a Virtual US Phone Numbers. So you can easily purchase your own US number on our website. It’s really very easy step to get your own virtual US number. You can purchase your own number for just $12.99. 

You pay for your US number once and that’s it. There are no additional fees and no hidden costs. There’s no registration needed. 

Our website is fully automated. This means that you can place an order at any time, day or night, and your US number details will be ready for you within 3-18 hours! Generally it takes very fast!

” Our virtual numbers can be used for WhatsApp, eBay, Telegram, some Banks SMS verifications and many others. “

Steps You Can Take to Get Virtual US Number in Canada or Any Other Nation Around The World

The following steps are what you can take to get a virtual US Phone Number in Canada or anywhere in the World :

1.Click Here To Purchase Your US Number

2.Sit Back and Wait for Your Number

3.We will send your number to your email address within 3-18 hours!

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Hope this article has been useful to you. Thanks for reading. We look forward to serve you better!



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